Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our Time up at the Utah VA Nursing Home

Our second visit for my son's Eagle Scout Project was very successful and I think a great learning opportunity for the boys.  
 They were able to assist and learn a bit from these men.
 It was looking pretty good!
Tomatoes and Marigolds were planted in the boxes.
 On the upper garden they planted zucchini, green beans, summer squash, cucumbers and pumpkins.
 We were able to talk to one of the Veterans who was flying a plane over Germany and was shot down.  He then spent the rest of his war time in Stalag Luft I.  A true American Hero!!
 Hopefully this last Memorial Day and future ones will mean more to these boys!
 Our next visit included my son "getting" to hold this baby kangaroo.
One of the VA personnel raises these babies until they are about one year old.
He was not to happy to hold this little guy after he had heard my story of visiting a Kangaroo habitat in Australia and being KICKED so hard in the leg that I could barely walk for a week.  (All because I had run out of food to feed them.  I got out of there fast.)
 We cleaned up the rabbit hutches and gave them some new straw.
 I think they were a couple of happy bunnies!
My two "growing fast" kids!!
All in all it was a good project for us to do and I think the boys learned allot!!
We have a couple of little things left to do up there and I think we will be done.
Hope your summer is off to a great start!!


  1. How great Barb, love the gardens.....How neat for your Son to hold the baby Kangaroo....sweet bunnies too, Francine.

  2. Looks like they did a wonderful job! What a great experience for them! Tell them to keep up the good work! :)

  3. What a wonderful project Barb, kudos to you and to them for taking it on. Our seniors and our veterans are too often forgotten and overlooked, hopefully the time the kids spent with them will instill in them an appreciation for what they sacrificed for us all. And the baby kangaroo, what a cutie! I'd love to get that close to a kanga (although I could do without the kicking, ouch!). Wonderful looking kids you have there, you should be very proud! Deb

  4. What a wonderful project. It is so good to hear of young people doing such great deeds. So many people kinda forget those in nursing homes.

  5. Sounds like a great project, Congratulations to your son. Being an Eagle Scout is a very high honor that will stay with him for years to come. My husband is an Assistant Scout Master & my son got his Eagle rank in 2010. I can understand how very proud you must be of him! So great he got hands on time with the Veterans.

  6. That's so cool the kids spending constructive time with their elders. Getting involved with them is so important for both parties. Looks like bunnies might have smelled a little bit there... lol.
    I didn't know we had kangaroos in the US. That's a sweet program for them. Oh yeh, they can put a severe thumpin' on ya. I'm so glad you survived yours!


  7. Wow, it's not everyday You get to hold a kangaroo-! My son or daughter would have loved this!

  8. Wow, wonderful project for the kiddo's. Love the pic where the gentleman is smoothing the dirt. The vets looked so happy to be helping.

    Thanks for sharing Barb.


  9. Just wonderful to see young people spending time doing community service and interacting with the elderly. This will surely stay with them for the rest of their lives and will be carried over to their own families.

    You're a great Mom to take this on with your children! Great memories made!!!

    Thanks for sharing!



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