Monday, April 28, 2014


Hanging LOVE Heart with White Ribbon, Yellow or Purple Flower, Mother's Day Gift, Heart Shaped Wood Cutout, Hand Painted,  Tole Painted
Really where does the time go....I am sure we all feel like this as Spring comes.  
There seems to be so much to do once the sun comes out and warms us up a bit, shaking off the winter's sleep.
Today has been cold and wet.  
We even had sunshine and snow at the same time. 
I was thinking it was the pollen off the cottonwood trees and as I was looking closer it all melted!
I LOVE the psychotic weather of April!?!
You never know quite what to wear.
I hope you all are safe with this wild weather.


  1. Hello Barb, dreary and rainy here too, good day to curl up with a hot cup of coffee and a good book, Francine.

  2. It's gotten hot here already. Makes us wonder what the summer will be like. Sure is nice tonight listening to all the birds chirping. Have a nice week my friend! Hugs!

  3. Happy Spring Barb. Raining and cold here in Pa too. We don't even have enough buds on the trees to make any pollen yet. It's been still too cool here. The lilacs aren't even blooming yet.

  4. Here in the south it is storms. Warm though.

  5. I hear the weather down there has been weird this Spring. We actually are having a very unusual warm and mild Spring.....Yeah!! Take care and be careful! :)

  6. It's been lovely here for two days and now they are forecasting cold temperature and rain (with perhaps a snow flurry or two!) for the foreseeable future. I've been out in the garden cleaning things up and am not ready to come back inside yet but the weather forecast is telling me different!

  7. Ciao!!!! Piacere di conoscerti ...bellissimo blog ...le tue creazioni sono superbe.... grazie per essere diventata membro del mio blog ....un abbraccio Antonella :)


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