Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Tax Day!?!?

We have been busy here...Spring time and TAXES.  Trying to get the garden planted, yard work, spring cleaning in the house and taxes done.  I am sure you are all doing the same.
So the other day I figure since I HAD to go grocery shopping I deserved to have lunch.  It had to be quick! Off I went to one of my favorite drive-thru establishment complete with coupon! 
Place my order.  
Get to the window and have no dollar bills, thanks to CHILDREN
I could not put this on a card and be found out!
At the bottom of every woman's purse is change.  
The hunt begun.
Finally $5.40 quarters, nickles, and dimes later I got my food and my purse felt so much lighter!
Poor Service Girl!  
She was really sweet about it stating she understood about kids and money.
Then a couple of days later when I showed back up with a few handfuls of pennies she said "I remember YOU".
This time I had it all counted out but unfortunately for her she had to re-count it.  She was still very pleasant about the whole thing.
I think I will give her a break for awhile but next time I will put all the change in rolls.
No sooner do I do this and my husband asks, "What happen to all the change in my bowl?"
Found out anyway---should have just put it on a card!
Enjoy your day,


  1. How funny...kind of! lol I try to always have some mad money with me but then you have to remember to replace it when you use it! lol Hope your lunches were yummy! Have a happy week my friend! Hugs Diane

  2. LOL, what a predicament! Darned if you do and darned if you don't. You adapted and survived, LOL.

  3. Oh how funny! Yep...should have put it on the card. :)


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