Friday, April 4, 2014

Do any of you remember....

Do any of you painters remember the fun wood shapes Provo Craft, Zims and Robert's Craft use to carry?
I was putting out Easter Decorations, yes I know a shocker, and came across these fun things I had painted years ago.
This bunny and carrot was one of my first class I took from Susan Van Alyne.
She happened to be living in Las Vegas and taught at the Leeward's down the street from where we were living.  I figured I was painting with a "BIG BRUSH" because she designed for Provo Craft.
The sweetest lady you could ever meet.
I loved her classes!!
It was a great break for me being a single mom at the time while my husband was deployed to the Middle East.
I think I got these little baskets in a swap from a painting buddy. 
 I painted them up for a gal to share with her family this Easter. 
 I remember standing outside the old Provo Craft store waiting for their HUGE sidewalk sale and about losing my mind hoping for all the great deals.  They never disappointed!
I had driven up from Vegas and the Van was packed full on my trip back.
This is were I got this sister's and I could decide if it was a bear, frog or what. 
 But just to be safe I bought a case of them.
Then when Zim's went out of business I was there buying cases of fun things.
Love this little witch!
Many things I have painted and sold over the years.
Bringing out the Easter Decorations took me down memory lane.
I wonder if we will ever see stores like that again?
Hope you have some good memories too!


  1. And cute wooden things never go out of style. They are fun for all seasons. I never learned to paint but I love to find things like this at craft sales. Enjoy your weekend my friend! Sweet hugs!

  2. I've never heard of them Barb, must have been before I broke out my paint brushes or more probably because they didn't sell their items in Canada. Very cute!

  3. Well since I am not a painter I do not know any of those stores but you sure have some cute little critters there.

  4. They are so cute, Barb! you were very lucky to live close to those two shops! I would have been at their going out of business sales too!

  5. So cute! And definitely a trip down memory lane.


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