Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Really Need to Stick to Painting...

Through my church I was asked to teach 11 year old girls about preparing to became a young woman which includes crafts, learning about life, religion, and homemaking!?!  It was my turn to teach them this last week and I did not have a clue about what to do.  Easter seemed to come so early this year and I had planned on teaching them how to sew on buttons to a little magnet bunny craft project.
Out came the sewing machine, the iron and board, the swear jar…you are getting the picture thus far, right?
I have a cute little bunny pattern that I bought years ago and have used it before.
So how bad could it be to sew up a few little bunnies. NO WHITE THREAD!
 It would either be military (husband) green or scout (son) brown. So they got the brown because it was already loaded-is that the word?
Sewed a few up-much less language then usual! SHOCK!
But still I had to go to the fabric store. The helpful clerk asked if I was looking for “flats” when I said I needed a yard of material. “Flats”?  So I told her I did not speak "fabric". She showed me around and at this point I am trying not to have a panic attack. I don’t do well in places I am not familiar with or know what I am looking for and it was a sea of material….
“Deep breath, be one with the air” as my husband says, ringing in my head.
Poor clerk! She took me by the hand and helped me find some material, white thread and a few buttons.
OK, all is well.
Ended up teaching the girls how to thread a needle and sew on three buttons, put a face on the bunny and color the inside of the ears! YEA! Done!
Homemaking???   My only two talents are painting and eating!
Poor girls. Talk about being out of your comfort zone!
So now I am offering you a “quickie” giveaway to whom ever leaves a comment (good or bad). Hoping to give a good home to these poor little magnet bunnies.
I will try that drawing thingy again and pick two “lucky” winners on Saturday morning!
I have to go clean the house which will take me until Saturday due to all the dust from pulling up the tiles in the entrance and hallway. At least I do know how to dust!
Remember to sign up for my “real” giveaway!
Enjoy your day and hopefully this post has not tramatized everyone!


  1. LOL! I LOVE those little bunnies! They are darling! They would have a good home here with all my bunnies :0)

    Loved your story about the fabric shop!


  2. LOL - You are toooooo funny!!! Your bunnies are adorable!!!


  3. Haha, I'm sorry girl but I just had to laugh. Sounds like it ended up just fine and I'm sure the girls DID learn something from you. I think it's awesome that you went ahead and gave it a try instead of backing out, that's courage! =]

  4. I think you did a great job and I would love to give one a good home. Thanks, Cyndy

  5. Cute story, I only recently started sewing myself and I know exactly what you mean..being out of your comfort zone. I didn't know what to call the left over fabric thay have in bins and when I was trying to explain to the lady she just stared at me like who is this rambling idiot! Anyway, the bunnies came out adorable and I'm sure the girls had a lot of fun!

  6. You did yourself proud! They are sooo cute! I was cracking up reading your blog. I had a picture af a poor little deer in the head lights. You poor thing!
    You did good!

  7. Your bunnies sure are cute, I am sorry they gave you such a hard time ;)

  8. Love your little bunnies. Your story was too funny. Jo-Ann's is my second home!!!! lol
    Get all those dust bunnies dusted up, so they don't multiply!!!

  9. I missed this post! What a HOOT!!! I think the bunnies came out ADORABLE!! It's called threaded instead of loaded! You are tooooo funny! I think you have more ability than you are letting on!!! Glad the hyper-activity girls had fun!


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