Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shake Out and a Winner!

Today at 10:15 Utah will be having an Emergency Preparedness Drill for an Earthquake.  It will be interesting to see how prepared we are here.  I will have to call my block captain to let him know if I am alive or dead...I haven't decided yet what that will be.  Getting up at 4:30 am I am usually ready for a nap between the hours of 10-12.  The time I need to call.
 I am hoping they will be doing the drill at both the Elementary and Middle school since my kids are there and not at home.  I guess Hubby is on is own at work. 
Having been in a couple of big ones-Alaska and Nevada-I think this is a great idea!!
Thanks for all the wonderful comments on the "quickie" giveaway-again thanks Carol for the name-I will be using from here on out when I do this!
I used that Random.Org Generator and got #9 but was not sure how to post the photo to my blog.  I think I did it backwards.  So we will have to try that again.
Betty of Primitive Cook Hugs is the winner.  Drop me a line at barbsheartstrokes@gmail.com with your address and I will get that in the mail to you.
Thank you all for the support and we will play again soon!
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  1. Have fun with your drill today. Betty is one lucky lady to have won your contest.

  2. Congrat to Betty!! The drill for the earthquake sounds like a good ideal. Got me wondering if you will be alive or dead....:) Go for alive and well!!

  3. Barb,

    Hope you are "alive" at the report in time! Too funny but I guess it's a good way to check if anyone is missing in a disaster.

    Congrats to your winner. The little painted flag is too cute. Good idea about a clearance section. Sorry your show wasn't that good. We use to do shows almost every weekend and have cut back to 3 or 4 a year. People don't come out and spend like they use to. And with selling more online, it's easier and more profitable. Sorry to hear of your hubby's injury...it's hard getting old! The flesh isn't able to keep up with the mind sometimes...what am I saying, most times!
    There...I think I'm caught up with your blog now. Have a good one.


  4. Congrats to Betty! I'm glad we dont have to worry about earthquakes down here. Hope you have a great rest of the week.

  5. Hi, Barb:
    This is scary! I pray for everyone's safety.
    Congratulations to Betty.
    Let us know that everything is o.k.

  6. Congrats to Betty! Such a cute little plaque! Let me know if I need to send food for the funeral. Then again, how in tarnation would you do that??!!!

  7. Congrats Betty! Enjoy your plaque! Barb--have fun with your Earthquake drill!


  8. Oklahoma had their first scare a few months back. Having never experienced anything like it ever in my life I was freaked to say the least! But so was everyone else, lol. The shake out is a good thing to do!

    Congrats to Betty on the win!


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