Thursday, April 12, 2012

Show set up and an injury

My poor hubby always willing to work hard and never complain...Sunday he was out checking on the garden and heard a pop. He came limping in and did not say a word to me. He was slightly gimping around and I did not think anything of it because I was so focused on my spring show. I thought he was feeling his age after he just tore up our entrance and  hallway floor to put down new tile. (We have talked about this for 6 years now.)
Finally I notice him limping and could hear the snap, crackle and pop every time he walked. He was not doing to well. The kids and I hauled all the grid and show stuff up the stairs and he directed packing it in to the van. Some how between the two of us we did get our 8x8 space set up in almost record time (2 hours 30 mins).  Good thing I am lifting 8 lb. weights at Jazz every morning!
We added some shelves with hooks and knobs he finally got a chance to make and some stacking boxes that were hits when we lived in Vegas.   Hope they sell here!
I will be working the show tomorrow and then take down is Saturday night.  Hopefully hubby will be feeling better but I think I see surgery in his horizon.
Hope not because he never sits still....sitting with him in a movie is like sitting by the most wiggly toddler ever only worse! A reason we (the kids and I) never take him to the movies!! 
Love you honey!!


  1. Ugghhh...sounds like he tore cartilage in his knee!
    I hope not. Is he doing better, I hope he isn't in a lot of pain. Those injuries can hurt a lot. The booth looks great!

  2. Oh my goodness, that's the way my hubby is. Can't sit still, always gotta be doing something. Our daughter is just like him. This is good, since my get up and go has got up and went... lol.
    Your booth looks awesome and so does all your paintings. I love that big one with the barn red frame... nice! Good luck and happy sales!

  3. Your display looks amazing! Good luck with the show and prayers going up for your husband! Hope he feels better soon.

  4. Holy cow I hope your husband is not hurt bad! Your booth looks wonderful. Sending some sale dust your way, but not all of it, I need some here also!

  5. I hope hubby is feeling better. You booth looks, I hope you sell out. Good luck.

  6. So sorry about your husband barb. I hope it ends up not too serious serious Your display looks great. good luck loretta's from pumpkin patch

  7. So sorry to hear of your husband's injury.
    Bad timing too...I rely so much on my husband and boys when it comes to setting up at show time. I sure hope he is feeling better. Your display looks wonderful!
    It looks like a fun show~ Good Luck~

  8. Poor guy. Hope the show is successful! 8 pound weights, eh? I'm lucky if I can lift 2!!!

  9. Oh no! I hope it is nothing major for your hubby! Have a splendid time at your show--your booth looks wonderful!

  10. Hope hubby is feeling better.
    Your set up looks really nice. Hope you do/did well!!! Let us know!!

  11. YOur set up looks wonderful! I hope you sold tons!! Hoping things go well with your hubby and he doesn't have to have surgery!

  12. I hope your Spring Show was a big success. Sorry about your hubby. He does probably need to take it easy for a while.
    I was going through some of my friends on my site Temptations and was sad that I have not kept up with that blog. I am hoping to do something new with it soon.
    Just wanted to check on you and say hello

  13. Hi
    Your booth looks really nice...I hope your husband doesn't need surgery..but if he does .I had double knee replacement and they work great and no more pain


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