Monday, April 16, 2012

Recovery for some...

Spring shows like the weather are always an "iffy" thing.  This spring show was a bit slow for me.  If any one had a tax return they probably were like us and buying bigger maybe more useful items like tile for the floor or a new mattress!   So now for recovery...getting things back in order!
I had been thinking of having a clearance section in my shop on Etsy and after this show I decided to set one up.  Basically it is for me to clear out some room so that I can paint more things.  There are about a million patterns I have marked that I just "need" to paint!
If you are interested in looking at my clearance section click here.
If you are interested in looking at my destashing section click here .

 The PAFA team had an Easter swap and my partner Donna from the Countryside Cottage sent me these lovely gifts.  She had been sick and I hoped she would not worry about sending me anything but she did.  I am so happy!  Fabulous little bunny that will be sitting out until July for sure!  Be sure to check out her Etsy shop! You can find her blog here.
My friend Carol of the Firecracker Kid has a wonderful Etsy shop and a great blog.  She always has something interesting going on between the wood shop, the front walk, and her kitties!  It is always fun to visit.  She also does some random giveaways for the first few commenters on her blog.  This last one was for a really fun and unique cookie cutter.
So with that in mind I thought I would like to try giving some of my readers a chance at winning a little prize now and then.  This is a little flag I painted on a metal surface.  I think I found the surface at Hobby Lobby and of course brought it home.  It is 5inches long and 2 inches wide with a rusty hanger and three rusty bells tied to it with a bit of material.
If you are interested in this flag please leave a comment.  I will pick a winner out of the first 12 people that comment.
WOW!  I had allot of words in my mouth today.
Thank to all who commented on my Hubby and his knee.  He is upstairs as I type trying to get the tile in.  I do not think he knows the meaning of rest?!?! Recovery for him??


  1. I have to go check out your Etsy shop , there might be something I love....:) I used to paint so maybe I will be inspired to pick up my brushes again sometime soon. Love the flag and what a fun giveaway!!

  2. Love all the wonderful goodies you received! Please add me name to the little flag give away.

    Happy Monday

  3. MEN!! Nothing more to say, Barb! Sign me up for the cute little plaque! I'd love to give it a home!

  4. Hi, Barb, I am sorry to hear that the spring show wasn't good as you hoped, I tried one a couple of times, but not much happened, so I just stick to the fall and Christmas. I love your swap goodies. Cyndy

  5. Aww drats, I wish the show would've gone better for you. I also hope your hubby's booboo heals and he gets better, even though he won't take time to rest.
    Oh cool, a quickie giveaway, I like to call them... lol. That's about the only quickies I get these days... hahaha!

  6. Love your swap goodies! I also love the flag! Please enter me in your flag giveaway, Valerie

  7. Hi Barb!

    I love that flag and I have the perfect spot for it next to a painted star that I put up every summer. I think all hubbies are the same--never take the time to rest!

    I am thinking about having a spring sale in my etsy store as well! AND a de-stash here would be a good thing too!


  8. Hey Barb! The flag is great! You always made the nicest items. Hope your hubby take some time to rest. Knees can be nasty!HUGS! Robyn

  9. Love your gifts from Donna.That rabbit sure is cute!! I would love to be entered in your little giveaway.

  10. OH! I love the flag! I'm just now getting around to decorating my home I moved into in Sept '11. I've always been a patriotic girl (it's in my blood as I'm an old army brat and married one, too -- plus have lived outside of Ft Knox for 45 years), but I've never done an Americana decorating theme. It came about quite by accident when I was painting my kitchen cabinet doors. I decided I wanted to do them in a deep Navy, with a Barn Red and then just a bit of white since my walls are white.

    We had already decided to make the fireplace mantel the place to honor both our dads, so the americana just naturally progressed out of the kitchen. This would look fantastic above the mantel as a focal point.

    Thanks for offering and I sure hope I win!

    Betty from PAFA

  11. This economy has everybody thinking twice about spending money. Maybe as the year progresses things will get better for us hard working crafters.
    Glad to hear your hubby is better.
    Love the sign!

  12. Hi Barb-
    I love your flag!
    Isn't it cool that the computer will always give you it's undivided attention when you have words to matter how many!
    I need to do a little de-stashing also, but I'm trying to get ready to head to Indiana and spend some quality time with my beautiful daughters and wonderful grandson-the studio will wait!
    Have a great day and keep sharing your words.

  13. Yippee! I am the first to get my comment and maybe win your cute flag painting. Love your painting.
    hugs, patty

  14. Your space is rockin'g Barb! You know, I have some of those stacking boxes them. Hope the show is super successful for you.
    I am totally feeling your hubby's knee pain...not fun at all.

  15. Barb! I received the flag! It is so awesome! It's going to fit in nicely on my "Honor Wall". Thank you so very much!!!



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