Friday, August 24, 2012

A Week in Review....

What a week...started off good!  We went 4-wheeling with my sister and her family up in the mountains by Park City.  But the smoke from all the fires in Nevada and California have blown our direction and it is a hazy mess.  So the view from the mountain tops was not as clear as we had hoped.  All in all a great time!
The Old Farmhouse Gathering is having a Fall into Thanksgiving Celebration.  This is always a great way for me to go shopping by participating in the celebrations and making treasuries!
Got my new lap top computer on Tuesday and this is were my week kind of went down hill...not being the smartest about computers (or really anything for that matter) my poor brother was the victim of my computer issues.
So for then next 7 hours we tried to get this laptop to connect to the Internet by wireless.  It worked great with the Ethernet cable (new vocabulary word for me) but we could not get it to work without.
Now my brother is pretty smart when it comes to things like this but he is also very analytical.  So him trying to tell me what to do with the computer was like talking to a rabbit!  Thus taking so much time on the phone.
Wednesday we are at it again...mind you he lives in Seattle and I am here in Utah.  So we up link with Skype and I am holding the camera every which angle for him to see my computer.
After many a phone calls to the laptop company and a very unhappy "customer service" representative that yelled at us and then hung up, I was a bit up set. 
Ready to live among the dinosaurs again.
We finally figure out something is wrong with the wireless router.  Off to the store to get a new one.
All this time either my brother has interruptions from his work or the kids and I have appointments, school shopping, and end of summer things that have to get done.
Thursday I get up with a huge headache and ready to call it a day at 5am.  Did not even make it to Jazzersize--well I unlocked the door and then left.
Now to install the "RAM" and tools. (If it is not a belt sander it ain't going to happen.)  But I swallowed my fears and have the kids holding the camera so my brother can see what I am doing. 
 By some LARGE miracle I get it installed.
I go upstairs to find the kids had tried to retrieve a dead fish from the tank and there is water everywhere.
  Not enough 4-letter words for that one.
And here is the place in my day were I lost my mind...

So my week did not go as planned, I was not as active in the OFG celebration as I had hoped to be, did not finish the painting that need to be done, our front room is in complete disarray needing to be painted, there was fish that died, and my head about came off with this headache, but we finally got the laptop up and running. 
Now to figure out how to use it!!
Next week my kids go to school and I am eating a large candy bar all by myself!!
Sure hope you all had a great week and we all have a better weekend!
Enjoy today!


  1. OH my gosh, What a week, but I am so glad you are learning about a lap top because I really want one, and even though I am pretty good with the computer thing, don't know a thing about lap tops and I am sure I would be lost, moral of this, when I need to learn I will come to you LOL

    enjoy that candy bar, make it a king size!! HUGS

  2. Oh my goodness gal, you poor darlin'. You made it through though and are stronger for it I hope. You even learned from it. Whoo! Okay, onward and upward :)


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