Thursday, August 16, 2012

I am feeling a little.....

Snarly!!   I am not sure how time can pass so quickly but the end of summer is almost here (YEA, I mean boo?!!?). 
Working on the house, yard and doing the canning there has not been a whole lot of time for fun. 
I am not sure what I was thinking when I decided to take my kids to Thanksgiving Point and go to the Museum of Ancient Life.  It was $2.00 day and when we got in the line that circle the building my son said, "Well, it looks like the pre-schools and elementary schools threw up."
But we forged ahead and had a fun time.  It was interesting and interactive.  I think I learned allot too.
Of course who would not love a Utahraptor? 
This was what I was looking like when we finally left...Snidey! 
So off we went to get a $2.00 piece of cheesecake, $2.00 kids hamburger, 50 cent ice cream cone, and then 1/2 pound of fudge for $2.00.
It was a SUGAR high!!

We have canned 10 bottles of tomatoes from our garden, frozen 21 bags of corn from my folks patch, made 12 loaves of zucchini and pear bread, 6 bottles of plumb jam from my bothers garden and then went to my parent's home and striped the pear tree.  Will probably be canning pears next week.
My attempt at painting during some of this. 
Embarrassing and in need of "therapy"! 
Hope I get some of this done for the Old Farmhouse Gatherings Fall into Thanksgiving Celebration starting tomorrow!!
It will be a miracle since it is picture day today at the High School and my son thinks it will be a great day to get a Big Mac at McDonald's--buy one get on for a penny.  Yippee.

Betty and her babies have flown the nest but we see them hanging around the humming bird feeder.
I had to climb the ladder the other day and they were gone.  All is well on the bird front!

I know I will need a nap today.
Enjoy your day!!


  1. Yes summer has flown by. Glad you had a good time at the museum. Glad Betty and babies are ok too.


  2. Gotta love a $2 sugar high :0) happy painting my friend hugs lil raggedy angie

  3. My goodness, you have been busy. Gotta love those $2.00 deals. You need a day to relax!

  4. Oh darlin', do I ever know that feelin'... LOL. Those are some fierce lookin' creatures and what was that throw up comment supposed to mean anyway... lol. Kids! I'm sure you understand them better than I could.
    Now you've made me hungry with talk of treats and yummy canned foods, haha!
    So glad to hear the birdies are all okay :)


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