Thursday, August 2, 2012

Check List!!!

The other day I wrote down everything that needed to be done with in the next two week and then had to sit down and compose myself. 
Have you ever had those moments?
How am I suppose to get this all done?
Curse the Check List!?!
We were able to check off most of the remodel and renovation of the outside of the house.
We laid the bricks at the window sills but we need to take it off again because we are not brick masons and it shows. 
My grandfather was a carpenter so I was out there telling my husband "how to do it" because I was a kid and use to help (hinder) my grandpa with brick laying.  We decide to "sleep" on it and the next morning made the big decision to take them off.  I think my dad will have to get involved with this one.  Actually I don't think it looked to bad from a great distance but knowing that both my husband and I are perfectionists we knew we would not be able to live with it.
Now a job back on the check list.
Then the registration for my daughter to High School and my son to Middle School--all on line now!
Yes, there were (what my daughter calls) "choice USDA words" involved.
Did I mention Merit Badges yet? Swimming, Environmental Science, Wood carving, Bird Study, Space Exploration....some done, others we are working on.
Teenage driver.  She is doing very well.  Still happy I am already white haired. 
The good news...I received a custom order and had the excuse to paint!!!  Got this far and was interrupted. Hope to finish it soon!!
Betty, our humming pigeon (as my son is calling her) has flown the nest.  I don't think the babies survived.  I did climb up on the tramp and it looked like the babies had hatched but I couldn't tell if they were alive because the branch was still a bit to high.
Then my neighbor came out and looked a bit stunned that I was tip toeing on the tramp pulling on the tree was not pretty getting down to go make small talk.
Well with that vision in your head I will try to squeeze in some painting.  Please do not have nightmares on my behalf!


  1. LOL! Funny Post!
    The brick work in the photos looks great, but then again I have never done any masonry, so what do I know!

    Remember to take deep breaths whilst looking over your To-Do list! ;)

  2. Hi Barb, oh hope the babies survived, you made me smile with what you said about the tramp. Yes, I agree, darn check list, never works out. Have a great weekend,Blessings Francine.

  3. I so remember those days, getting kids ready for school, scouts, etc. My son is almost 21 and helped with an Eagle ceremony last night, got to see alot of old faces and remembered how much I enjoyed it. Good luck with your renovations! Have a great weekend!

  4. Your house is looking WONDERFUL Barb.

    LOL on the remark about the white hair and a teenage driver, gee I remember those days all too well.

    I miss my youngins but I could not imagine putting one through school now, it is all so different. And I thought it was hard back then LOL

    OH my gosh I am glad I did not read this last night I would of had dreams of you teetering off of that trampoline LOL


  5. You're getting so much done this summer! It goes by fast but you have a lot to show for these past few months! Your house looks wonderful!

  6. Aww poo, on the redo of your brick. I'm a perfectionist too, hubby is not... LOL.
    Oh hang in there mom, they'll be grown and gone before you know it. Take a lot of deep breaths... lol.
    Sorry to hear about your mama humming bird leaving the little ones. Maybe it was meant to be. I've never had the opportunity to see one nesting. Have seen lots of blue birds though :)

  7. LOL, Barb! I think neighbors just 'naturally' expect each other to be a bit, uh, different!
    House looks great to me! Good luck with the check list. I'm happy to be home and starting my own (it involves interior painting)!!


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