Monday, August 6, 2012

Update on Betty, Painting, and Winnings!

I was so curious about "Betty the Humming Pigeon" that I had to climb the ladder and see if the babies were still there and their condition.  Yes, there they were with little hearts a beating.  The two little black becks angled upward.  Then I figured there is not enough room in there for Betty so a few branches up there she was watching me.
I decided she need a feeder closer to her and the babies so off we went to get a humming bird feeder.
We hung it on the other side of the tree where we could watch it from the kitchen window.  Betty found it pretty fast!
Now I have a happy son (who was near devastation that the birds were dead)! 
Thank heavens for a custom order.  I then had the legitimate excuse to hide from the work outside to paint!!  YEA got it done.  Now have one more and trust me I will be using that as an excuse not to have to help sheet rock and plaster the front room!! 
I was the Lucky winner of these fabulous candy corns from Brenda at The Rusty Thimble as part of her huge July celebration.  They are wonderfully made and just fabulous.  Took a quick photo and now they are proudly displayed on my counter top upstairs.  I couldn't take a photo there for all the clutter that needs to be cleaned up!
Thank you Brenda! 
Head to her blog HERE to see what she has as her monthly giveaway!
Good luck on her new giveaway!
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  1. So glad the birds have fared well. How sweet you are to put out some food nearby. Must be that compassionate nature (can't remember what your hubby calls it!)of yours. Love the new painting! My hands are itching to get back to work but need to whip the ol' house into some kind of shape!

  2. Glad Betty and babies are fine but what is a humming pigeon?


  3. Yay on your win. I'm so ready for Fall and leaves and candy corn:)

  4. WOW they are still there, I have waited to see the outcome of that climb on the ladder, actually waiting to know you did it without a fall!

    so glad you like the Candy Corns

  5. Hi Barb, thanks for your visiting my blog and thanks, thanks so much indeed for your beautiful comment.
    hugs from Italy.

  6. Ahhh, that's wonderful to hear the babies are alive and they're all well.
    That's an excellent painting! Sooo cute :)
    Oh darn, I wouldn't give an excuse, I just wouldn't help... LOL. I'm lazy like that I guess. Hanging sheet rock is a tough task though. I've helped do that before...ugh.
    Happy painting!

  7. So glad the mom was hanging around :). And I just love those candy corn, adorable!

  8. What a sweet bird story! Love your halloween picture and your darling winnings!



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