Friday, November 30, 2012

It is pretty sad when it takes you over a year to paint 6 small ornaments.
These hearts sat on my desk for over a year and I finally decided it is now or never.  I finally finished these yesterday...even photo and listing them on Etsy.
Click the photo for details.
I know none of you procrastinate like that!
Now I have some Snowmen ornaments sitting on my desk for the last 7 months...wish me luck that I will get them done in less then a year!!
My giveaway ends tomorrow night so click HERE to enter.
Also the OFG Team is in the middle of the Spirit of Christmas celebration!
Click HERE to go to the page on Etsy to see all the wonderful creations.
I am hopefully off to paint the snowmen ornaments!
Enjoy your day,


  1. Qué buen trabajo navideño!!
    saludos,desde Argentina.

  2. Well better late than never. :) They turned out very nice. Now get busy and get the others done. :)

  3. LOL Barb! You are not alone, I have little plastic shoeboxes full of unfinished projects. Creative spirits go with what they are feeling at the moment? Yeah! That's it! I didn't catch your giveaway before this, I'll have to pay btr attn! ~*~Lisa

  4. as usual ..... : I love it !

  5. HAHAHA!!!! I can beat your sad and raise it by 2!! My 'desk' is so sad it would make you cry!!! Hoping to get the 'unfinished' done after the holiday. Of course, I say that every year!
    LOVE the plaid on the babies head piece! Wonderful work as usual!!


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