Monday, November 12, 2012


This year I only did two local Holiday Craft shows and I am exhausted.
One year I did nine...shocking my husband did not leave me that year! 
 Quite a tolerant man to say the least.
It went well but it snowed pretty much the whole time.
When we went to pick it up on Saturday night we were driving I-15 and on the way up we saw seven accidents.  We drove thought rain, sleet, snow, white out conditions, sunshine(!), fog, then there was all the black ice. 
 True white knuckle driving. 
Since it was the first snow of the year it is like learning to drive all over again.  So needless to say the drive time was longer then the set up or the take down!
Made it home safe and the temp had dropped to the low 20's.  Just CRAZY weather!
We must have had the SNOW ANGEL watching over us!!
So I am back on line on Etsy and ready to only have to drive if need be.
Which will probably be for a diet Pepsi!!
This will be a busy next couple of weeks.  My daughter turns 16-so she needed a party.
Then my son turns 13 on Thanksgiving day.  My niece will be getting married on Saturday and moving out of state.  So we will be partying pretty heavily in these next two weeks.
Then it will be time to watch for SANTA!!
Enjoy your day!


  1. Your title CRACKED me up, LOL!! I haven't done any shows in a long time because they're too much work and you KNOW how I hate me some work!! Hope the sales were good! Enjoy your parties....and give that man of yours a raise!

  2. Shows are a lot of work to be sure! Glad you made it home safely. Enjoy your celebrations!! ~*~Lisa

  3. Sounds like you are going to be pretty busy! I do not miss driving in those conditions one bit! Glad to hear you got back ok:)

  4. Glad your show went ok and that you made it there and back safely. Sounds like you have a busy few weeks ahead of you...have fun! :)

  5. Oh my heavens, are you jet After driving through that weather. You sure have a busy schedule.
    Happy birthday to your babes and congratulations to your niece. You'll make it through just fine.

  6. My gosh Barb, thank goodness you made it home safe and sound! Crazy weather everywhere this year and if the forecasters are correct, this is what we can expect from now on, oh joy! Have a great time partying it up the next couple of weeks, happy birthday to your daughter and your son and congratulations to your niece! I just discovered that my satellite TV music channels have the Holiday Favourites on, I'm listening to carols as I type and getting all ready for the guy in the red suit! Deb

  7. I hate that kind of driving. In NC we always got a lot of icy roads which is the worst! I'm glad we moved South! Love your pretty holiday things. I'll go look in Etsy!


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