Friday, February 22, 2013

A Little History behind the OFG TEAM Story

Click on the photo above and follow the story of
Lillie Mae and Benny!!!
I happen to be the Blog Manager for the OFG Team blog.
Our Captain, Lucy of  The Farmers Attic, had a great idea for our team to write an Spring Time Story for our team blog.  
Not being any sort of writer--as you all know who read my blog--I thought it would be great to do the game were everyone contributes to the story.  
It has taken so many twists and turns that I never would have thought of!
I had to start the story so I had my teenage daughter help me write the first two paragraphs.
So thinking I was safe I got an e-mail from Lucy saying your need to be featured too.
How sweet of Lucy, but I am no writer and the only books I read are about WWII or History books.
(DID I hear someone in blog land scream BORING!???!!)
She knows this and told me to incorporate it into the story.....
I asked my kids to help daughter rolls her eyes and says "Just put them in a concentration camp". 
Then my son says, "They look off in the distance after hearing and feeling a large boom and see a huge mushroom cloud".  My poor husband just shakes his head because he knows he has to pay for their therapy!  They are such help!!
So next Thursday tune back in to see what I come up with because at this point I am unsure.
In the mean time wish me loads of luck.
Enjoy your day,
Barb--the non-writer!


  1. Oh Barb I sure was smiling reading this post!! LOL Gotta love family!! They try to help!! LOL So if your story turns out as good as this post I know you'll be fine! I want to know how the stay at the concentration camp went and the mushroom cloud!!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

  2. This story is really a lot of fun! I enjoy being part of it even if I can't write either. Looking forward to the next installments. :)


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