Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SPRING Please!!

It snowed here yesterday and I keep thinking SPRING should be just around the corner!!
 I have been thinking SPRING for awhile now.
 After -degrees this week it should be in the 50's this weekend!
 At least I can think Spring with the OFG Team and the Spring Fling Celebration going on now on Etsy.
  Also thinking Corn Beef!!
 I am hoping to get this new favorite bunny listed on Etsy before I spend my day at Parent-Teacher Conferences.  It is a Susie King design and it has been fun to go through some of my older books and find these designs that I promised to paint years ago.  I guess it is never to late!!
Hope you all have a fabulous day.


  1. I hear ya BABE! Spring couldn't come quick enough for this old Mousemaker...

  2. Our snow is just about gone and then a storm hits and we are buried again. Looks like a nice weekend though. Stay warm.


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