Saturday, February 16, 2013

My Winnings and a Haircut

I was one of the lucky winners from Laura's giveaway on her blog Rhodes Creations.
She had a "You are Loved Surprise Giveaway" and this was the surprise!!
Cutest little hand bag.  It is so well made and has such fun embellishments. 
I had to take a photo of the tag on the fabulous is that!?!
Check out her fun shop HERE on Etsy.
Thank you so much for such a wonderful surprise Laura!

This is the back of my head...every time I go to get a hair cut the hair stylist always comments on all the natural curl in the back of my head.  
I started going gray when I was twelve.  My girlfriends use to pull it out for me until I thought I might go bald.
So I started coloring my hair in my late 20's but the gray was so resistant that I finally gave up.
"Gray the new blond."
As time has gone on the curl gets tighter and tighter.  I never had curl until I started going gray.
What I find so interesting is how much time the hair stylists' spend goofing and complementing me on how wonderful my hair looks from the back. 
Does this mean I should walk backwards so that the best side comes at you first?!?

It will be a busy week here as my husband is off work for a week to work on taxes and fix up some things around the house.  He had vacation time he had to use.  Not exactly how he wanted to spend it but.....

Enjoy your weekend,


  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Put your glasses on the back of your head so people can see those 'eyes' that kids profess we have!! I think your hair is 'Gawgeous'!! Congrats on Laura's fantastic winnings!

  2. Congrats on your winnings!
    And yup, your curls are divine! This coming from a lady who has thin STRAIGHT hair... naturally red... ( right out of the box) hee hee

  3. Your hair is BEAUTIFUL! Have 2 friend in their 40's that let their hair go natural gray too. It is the new blonde for sure. LOL ~*~Lisa

  4. Congrats on your winnings! Very pretty. Your hair in the back looks just like mine. I have had curly hair forever and my hairstylist always likes to crunch it up and squish it! Looks good.:)

  5. Hi Barb......what lovely win, so pretty.....You are lucky to have natural curl, me, poker straight.....Hugs Francine.

  6. Thanks Barb for sharing and so glad you won! You have pretty curly hair. I spent most of my life perming mine but I've given up. My hair is up and covered now anyway and it's cheaper. Blessings Laura

  7. Cute bag Barb and I think your hair is pretty. Wish mine would get curly, its so thin and straigt.


  8. LOL Barb, you are so funny! My hair is the opposite of yours, it's been curly my whole life and now that I am getting grayer and grayer my hair is going straight! I think you look lovely no matter what way we get to look at you :O) Great back from Laura and love her label! Don't work too hard, Deb

  9. Lucky you...a new bag and curls! I am jealous! Smiles :) :)

  10. Such a pretty bag, congratulations on the win Barb! I love your hair... color, curls and all!

    Have a grand week~


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