Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Do they come in THREES?

I was so excited to post my front room being finished with pictures on the wall and new carpet and we were now living there watching TV and enjoying it but...
My husband commented on the ice cream being soft a few days ago so I figured with all the house rehab the poor refrigerator needed a good cleaning. 
Friday night we clean the thing inside and out.
Needless to say the under carriage and cooling elements were well insulated with dust "Rabbits".  Not a bunny in sight.
Feeling happy with our hard work we stared moving furniture and cleaning the front room where I proceed to brake one of my husband's favorite blown glass vases, crushed my Ukrainian hand painted egg, and drop a piece of plastic shattering it into a million and five pieces.
OK, that was three and I can never work for Molly Maid's--Thank Heavens!
We wake up the next day to a mess---I an sure you know of what I speak!
DEAD refrigerator.
Clean up the mess.
Put all the food into a smaller apartment size refrigerator.
Off to go buy a new one.

Found one I liked.  We measured so that it would fit into our space but I had no idea this thing was HUGE!!  Sticks out of the wall about 8 inches.  It looks like we have no food in it.
Of course this morning my kids complained that the milk was sour...after no refrigeration, then frozen in the little fridge, now to something that works we have had to throw out a bit of food.
And that is not cheap to do.
(I drank sour milk as a kid--my kids are apparently spoiled-rotten, like the milk!)
In the mean time our Microwave caught on fire--# two if you are all keeping track.
I am not sure what #3 will be and I hate to voice this out loud but my camera has been acting up.
Well, I needed therapy in a big way so I painted something one of my customers suggested and it was way out of my league.
So in celebration of not having a number three yet (it is around the corner) I am having a quick giveaway for this Owl and Acorn magnet.
Please leave a comment on this post only letting me know if you like it or what improvements I could make in the future on a design like this.
I will pick a winner on Monday, October 1st.
Open to USA and Canadian friends.
If you would like to spread the word I would appreciate it.
I am hoping today goes a bit smoother and I can actually paint for the up coming OFG Team Christmas and Winter Celebration starting on October 5th.  More info to come.
Enjoy your day!!


  1. Oh goodness, so sorry about all the mishaps! I've got to say I love that fridge....and I am secretly hoping ours will kick the bucket so I can get a new one like that!! Your owl magnet is super cute!

  2. Hi Barb. I'm trying to play catch up here. Sorry about all the hectic in your life. Yes I think its Murphy's law, whatever can go wrong will but hopefully your done having your share.

    I love your owl magnet. I won't enter since (let some one else have a chance) I won your scarecrow magnet which I enjoy in the office hanging on my file cabinet.

    Good luck with putting your house back in order.


  3. Oh Barb - I feel your pain!!! Hope that all this is behind you now and you can see some of the humor in this.

    Love, love, love the owl!!! Your painting is wonderful. Feels like he is really looking at me. Maybe that means he belongs to me :-)


  4. Oh, dear!! Your hands have been full! LOVELY magnet! Out of your league? NO WAY!! Count me in for the Giveaway! I'll post on my blog and give it a Tweet!
    Hope #3 stays FAR away!

  5. The owl is ADORABLE!! You need to sell them!

  6. Oh my!! How terrible! Sorry it is not going well. I like the owl though. I think he is really cute. :)

  7. Barb, I love your owl! but , now this is just me. I prefer a chunkier owl. you know short and fat.


  8. As they say...when it rains pours!!! Hope the rain goes away!!! hahaha
    Love the owl. Looks perfect to me!!!
    He can come to my house!!! But leave the bad luck out of the envelope!!! haha

  9. Oh my Barb,I know this isn't funny to you, but reading about all the recent events was almost comical! Yes, usually when one thing goes, several are right behind it! I hope number 3 doesn't happen. Well we have all been there that's for sure. Love the owl! hoot hoot!!


  10. Oh Barb, so sorry strangely enough they do come in threes or more. Sounds like you had more so hopefully you're safe. Sounds like me during pms... LOL, clumsy and always dropping things.

  11. Barb your owl is precious and hope that third thing just stays far away. I do know what you mean things do tend to happen in threes... Good things too.
    shweetpotatodollsnpatterns at

  12. Barb I to love your owl! keep your head up and let's pray that third thing flies far away from you.
    Good things happen in threes too so praying for the your first GOOD thing

  13. Oh Barb I feel so bad for you! I have been there and you just want to throw up your hands. I hope nothing else goes wrong!
    That owl is absolutely beautiful!!!! I think you did an excellent job on it! Please enter me for a chance to win, Valerie

  14. Holy cow, Barb! You know what they say, when it rains it's hoping you've had all the "rain" you're going to get! Your little owl is just your painting style!

  15. Yikes - glad you got your new fridge and things are back to normal!
    Loving your cute little owl magnet! I sure wish I could paint like that!

  16. I'm so sorry you've had all these does seem to happen all at once. You new fridge looks great and you'll fill it up in no time! Love your cute owl...he's perfect! Hugs!

  17. Gracious...sounds as if you have had all your "oh no " moments for a year, in a few days time! Bet you are more than ready to sit back and breath easy for a while :)

  18. oh your owl.. it's absolutely gorgeous.. think this is my new thing too.. they are adorable.. love the new fridge.. Hope your day is wonderful...


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