Friday, February 10, 2012

I will be living with Guppies!

I have spent the last week going to school registration and orientation for my daughter that will be entering High School and my son that will be entering Middle school.
One night at dinner they were talking about how both of them would be guppies in the big ponds at their new schools come the next school year.
I know my way around the Middle school but the High school is HUGE. If I remember right it is the biggest high school in the state.  (Needless to say I am so glad I will not be the guppy this next year!)  
I had to share my daughter's project from her ceramics class.  This is in honor of her brother and dad who Curl every Thursday and Friday night.  Next week here in Utah they will be celebrating the 10th year anniversary of the Olympics being here and have asked my son and husband to represent Curling next Friday night at the Olympic Oval.  We are a bit excited!  This was quite a surprise and honor! 
My son is into painting so the other day when I did some errands I left him to his own devises.
I was pleased to see what he had come up with-of course military related-and he cleaned up his mess complete with cleaning the brushes.  Proud Mom. 
This was my daughters final piece in Ceramics and I love it.  She surprises me.  She was just little when we would go to New Mexico to check on our house there and/or visit cousins.
I think she really captured the beauty of the desert Southwest!
Hope every one has an enjoyable day!


  1. Awesome Barb! Love the kids' creations! ~*~Lisa

  2. You have some budding artists in residence.
    How proud you must be.

  3. Oh boy, advancing to high school was a scary event for me as a teenager. Of course the newbies get picked on too. Good luck to both of your little artists! They are amazing already at a young age, but of course they have the artist gene from mum. Curling is cool! Good for your men :o)

  4. Wow, you have some very creative kids there! That is awesome! Mine like to mess around with crafting every once in a great while and it thrills me when they do. But yes, teaching them to clean up their mess and put everything away is harder than teaching them the actual craft, lol.

    The biggest school in the state would be pretty scary. At least you know your kid won't be the only one getting lost, right? I'm sure they will do just fine.

    Happy crafting~


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