Thursday, February 2, 2012

Well this week flew by....

Hard to believe it is Ground Hog Day and he says 6 more weeks of winter...I wonder what that really means for us that have had no snow??  We need the moisture for sure.
Thank you for all of the concern about my mangled finger.  It looks horrible but now that it is numb (no thanks to the Lidocaine that did not work during the procedure) it is getting easier to do things.  Painting and writing have been a challenge and I have declined doing dishes or cooking just in case I might hurt it....HEHEHE!
Luckily for me my daughter was able to finish up her Science Fair or "Science Fear" project in spite of me trying to help her tape things down.  I had glue and tape all over.  I was a mess.  She finally invited me to go watch TV.
My son received his Boy Scout First Class Rank and five Merit badges at the Court of Honor.
Scouting is a full time job!!  Then there is School!?!
Just a quick reminder that I will be drawing a name later tonight for my giveaway.  Thank you to all who have promoted and come over to watch me stumble around Facebook.
Still reading "Facebook for Dummies" and "Facebook and Twitter for Senior Dummies".
I thought the second book might dumb it down even farther for me.
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Good Luck and I will announce the winner tomorrow!
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  1. Well ok you did not tell me about the senior additions, I think I may pass and just get some of those LOL........I love it

    Beautiful presentation board your daughter put together Barb, sent you to the other room huh LOL

    congrats on your sons badges and merits


  2. Congratulations Boy Scout Son. My grandson Connor, 13, is working towards his Eagle as well. My DH is an Assistant Troop Leader and is very involved as the troops Treasurer. I admire these young men who "buck the trend" and become such strong people.

  3. I didn't even know there was a Facebook for Dummies book!! I guess I am going to have to go look for it, LOL. Getting a business page that actually works is one of my goals this month!!(or next month, or sometime in April or May . . . . )

    Warm Wishes,

  4. Glad to hear your finger is hard to do anything when you hand is hurt! Take good care of it and stay away from those dishes!!.:)

  5. We, too, are having a warm winter, in the 70's today, only 2 light freezes so far. I remember the scouting days, it does keep you busy. Glad to hear your finger is getting better. Take care, Cyndy

  6. Great job your kids are doing. I'm kinda glad those darn school projects are over for me. I ended up doing the whole thing sometimes, and my daughter was watching tv where I should have been!


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